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CNC Milling Services Devon

March 23rd, 2015

RB Engineering offer CNC Milling Services Devon to clients. Using this service they were able to fabricate mixer shaft spacers for one of their clients.

10 mixer spacers were requested by the client that were to be fabricated from 40mm mild steel plate to an accuracy of 0.05mm. A CAD drawing was made to produce a profile of the 40mm plate. The profile was then transferred to the water jet to produce the parts required for the mixer shaft spacers.

A fixture to hold the parts onto the CNC milling machine was fabricated. Once on the milling machine the location dowels were drilled and tapped. The team then turned and screw cut the location dowels on the lathe and assembled dowels into shaft spacer. The edges were then deburred to finish off the product.

All sections of the work was checked in line with ISO 9001 systems. The work was straight forward and went without a hitch.

More of this work using CNC Milling Services Devon is anticipated for the future so the CAD drawing were filed for future use.

The client did not specify a deadline for the work to be completed. RB Engineering finished the work in 32 hours. After all the necessary inspections the mixer shaft spacers were delivered to the customer who was happy with the results.

About CNC Milling Machines
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which is a computer controlled high precision machine that is able to make repeated accurate movements.

Codes are taken from a computer and converted into electrical signals using software. The signals are then used to control the machines motors. The motors are able to turn at small amounts and this allows the machine to move repeated high precise movements.

CNC machines can be used for running some of the most common types of machine tools such as: drilling machines, milling machines and lathes. Using CNC machines has become very popular with UK manufactures.

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