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Lorry aluminium side boards

Lorry sideboards

At RB Engineering we gain a lot of new work through customer referrals. We believe that our commitment and passion is a key driver in winning new work. A recent job we carried out was no exception and involved a lot of tools and expertise.

We carried out a fabrication job for a haulage company who required new side boards that needed to be lighter, made from aluminium and ensured a great appearance once fitted. The customer was so pleased that we received a new recommendation for a similar job sometime after. The new work was to replace the old, heavy and scruffy looking mild steel sideboards with new shiny aluminium ones. The job required a like for like change but ensuring that the new materials were lighter.

We carried out the required work with 4mm aluminium sheet. Our in house guillotine and folding machines were used in the initial stages of fabrication.  Then our qualified welders used both TIG and MIG welding techniques for the different challenges of the job.

Lorry sideboards2

As an aside, the major difference between MIG and TIG welding is that one process uses a continuously feeding wire

(MIG) and the other uses long welding rods that are slowly feed into the weld area

(TIG). MIG and TIG welding both use an electric arc to make the weld. TIG welding is more commonly used for your thinner gauge materials. Items that are made with this process are things like kitchen sinks and tool boxes.

We designed the shapes on our CAD software which worked out the bend angle and the materials bend allowance which then meant we could write a programme for our CNC press brake which speeded this process up. Once the parts were folded we then dry fitted all the parts to the lorry and MIG/TIG welded as required.

Our customer required the lorry to be completed as soon as possible as he needed to minimise lorry down time. The customer collected the lorry and was very pleased with the quality of the work.

Lorry sideboards3

As you can see we used a variety of skills, tools and processes to complete this job. If you require projects that involve the above please contact us on Newton Abbot 01626 835 951.

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