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Kevin Carr Completes His Amazing Challenge

April 10th, 2015

It took 19 months over 16,229 miles (26,232 km) in an  attempt to break the record for running round the world unassisted.  As he completes his amazing challenge, crowds gathered round to welcome him home in Haytor car park where his journey began.

RB Engineering are proud to have sponsored Kevin and look forward to hearing tales of his around the world ultramarathon.

RB Engineering Newton Abbot

RB Engineering Support Kevin Carr


Well done Kevin!!

Where to Donate

Kevin’s challenge was to raise money for the charity SANE and the British Red Cross.

If you would like to find out about Kevin’s journey you check out his website here:  You can also make a donation  on the site if you wish to.

Kevin Carr Ultramarathon Runner

Kevin Carr home at last

Kevin Carr sponsored by RB Engineering

Ultramarathon Runner Kevin Carr

RB Engineering Supports Ultramarathon Runner

April 9th, 2015

With enormous pride RB Engineering Supports Ultramarathon Runner

When ultramarathon runner Kevin Carr made the decision to break the world record for running around the world unassisted, he approached RB Engineering and asked for their support with his quest.   Kevin’s aim was to tow a small lightweight portable trailer which would carry his equipment.

RB Engineering Supports Kevin Car

RB Engineering Supports Ultramarathon runner

Kevin had designed the trailer to cater for all his needs and he produced drawing which RB Engineering worked on with him.

The trailer had to be made from a aluminium frame structure and carbon fibre Panelling, and low friction wheels, which were supplied by Kevin, a brake assembly and carbon fibre handles.

Kevin visited the RB Engineering workshop regularly while the parts were being produced and this enabled him to check for any issues that would arise.   Issues were overcome by altering the thickness of materials and removing any weight where there wasn’t a strength issue.

Some of the tools used in the production of the trailer included, water jet cutting, ali fabrication, tig work, press break work and manual turning and milling.

The time scale for the project was 2 weeks and the trailer had to be tested.

Once the project was complete Kevin picked up the trailer and took it for a test.  It was good to go and in July 2013 Kevin left Haytor car park to being his ultramarathon.

24 hours later RB Engineering received a phone call from Kevin, he told them that there were slight issues with the trailer due to the amount of bottled water he was carrying.  The trailers balance was back heavy when it was being towed.  To resolve this issue RB Engineering fabricated an aluminium water bottle holder which was to be bolted to the front of the trailer to keep it balanced while it was being towed.

Plans were made to meet Kevin at Dorchester which was on his route and the aluminium water bottle was fixed into place.

One week into Kevin’s run he contacted RB Engineering before he was due to go to France. He had realised that he would need to carry more water so he asked if RB Engineering would meet him at Dover to transport a buggy for the next part of his journey.  The trailer was taken back the workshop where it was to be altered from a towing position to a push position.

The alteration required moving the ale from the centre to the rear of the trailer and adding a third wheel at the front.   In the absence of Kevin to test the trailer one of the RB Engineering team who was a similar build as Kevin tested the trailer.

When all the tests were complete the trailer was packed up and shipped to Australia ready for the next part of Kevin’s ultramarathon.

Kevin’s world record breaking attempt is has now been completed and you can see his journey by visiting

RB Engineering are proud to have been involved in this one off job and look forward to Kevin returning and hearing about all his adventures during his record breaking Ultramarathon.

RB Engineering Supports Kevin Carr

Anne Widdecombe with Kevin Carr