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Steel Fabrication of Trolleys

May 18th, 2015

An existing customer requiring Steel Fabrication of Trolleys contacted the team at RB Engineering to discuss the making of 20 new trolleys for their production painting area. As the work that requested was a standard fabrication job any of the qualified staff could do the work.

This type of work had been done before so the team used the same suppliers for the castors and the correct grade of steel which was S275. The trolleys would be used in the clients paint baking area so it was essential that they could handle 60 degrees of heat.  High temperature paint was also required.

Drawings were not used for this work as the client brought in an original trolley for the team to look at and take notes.

Trolleys Newton Abbot

Old Production Trolleys


Trolleys manufacture Newton Abbot

A qualified member of staff manufactured the trolleys in the RB Engineering workshop and they were then painted in the spray booth.

There was no set delivery time in place but RB Engineering work to a production schedule, this system is generally 2 weeks.

When the work was completed and delivered to the client, they were extremely happy with the end result and they found the trolleys a great help.

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Perforated Plate Design Using CAD Software

February 23rd, 2015

RB Engineering received a call from a client who needed help to create a perforated plate design that would stay absolutely flat. In the past it was usual for the client to order the perforated plate from a supplier but, these were usually made by laser or punched which would cause the metal to warp.  This would cause a problem with a build-up of materials being used in the perforated plate. We decided to make the perforated plate using CAD software.

Damaged perforated plate

Damaged perforated plate

Damaged perforated plate

Damaged perforated plate

The perforated plate would be made from 5mm 316 stainless steel.  The advantage of having this profiled and cut on the water jet is that there is no warp age of the metal as it is cut using water. The perforated plate has to be installed perfectly level so the material is always cold.

A qualified designer at RB Engineering created the drawing for the perforated plate design using CAD software.  The drawing when then past to a qualified water jet cutter for profiling and creating the plate. The material was required to be cut to a tolerance of 0.05mm.

Before the work began test cutting was done using scrap material to see if having all of the holes closer together would relieve any stress in the rolling of the stainless steel causing the plate to lift.  This didn’t happen so the material was ordered to begin the work on the perforated plate.

Perforate steel plate with water cutting mahine

Perforated steel plate with water cutting machine

Cutting steel plate

Cutting steel plate

When the work was completed it was scheduled for completion. On completion the client collected the perforated plate and it was fitted by their own staff.  Once installed the customer tested the plate and informed us that it was working to their satisfaction and they were able to put a greater

put through of material.

RB Engineering had solved the problem of the perforated plate design for the customer who was more than happy with the work that the production team had carried out. This type of work will now  be standard on all screen deck machines.