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Stainless Steel Fabrication Devon

April 20th, 2015

RB Engineering received a request from Plymouth University that would require their skills of Stainless Steel Fabrication Devon.  The university were holding an award ceremony and asked the team if they could design and manufacture awards for their up and coming award ceremony.

Stainless Steel Fabricators Devon

Stainless Steel Fabrication Plymouth University

This would be a new challenge for the team at RB Engineering as they had not undertaken this type of work before.

Meetings were arranged with the client who produced drawings.  RB Engineering would supply the materials and do all aspects of the work required for the stainless steel fabrication Devon, the team were also responsible for arranging a local engraver.  The work schedule was 1 week due to the engravers own schedule being busy.

The leaf design was transferred into design software and then emailed to the client for approval.  Once the design was approved it was then put into the water jet machine to enable cutting to begin.  When the cutting was complete the parts were measured for directional accuracy and then taken to the engravers by one of the RB Engineering team who also collected them when the engraving was complete.

Back in the workshop all parts were folded on the press brake.  Next was to machine all bosses, these had to be a sliding fit on the main stand, and then pressed into the leaf.  Trim caps were also machined.

The RB Engineering team then fabricated the main holding stand from stales steel tube and place.  The centre tube was mirror polished stainless steel and the base plate was brushed stainless steel.  The brush effect was done with the in house polishing machine. The parts were then test fitted and cleaned ready for the customer to approve the finished product.

The customer was happy with the product and the awards were presented at the university ceremony.

For RB Engineering this was a one off project, but since undertaking this stainless steel fabrication Devon, they have had numerous inquiries.

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Stainless Steel Fabricators Devon

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