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At RB Engineering we are able to provide fire escapes to schools, hotels, leisure centres, domestic and commercial properties to name but a few.

When investing in a fire escape it is essential that you get it right. A fire escape must be safe, fit for purpose and comply with all relevant building regulations. As an accredited Devon based CE Marking Company you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to manufacture the best fire escape staircase for your needs.

We can design from single flight domestic fire escapes through to multi floored staircase structures, all of which take careful planning and accurate engineering.

Our recent work for a local customer

Our customer required a fire escape because they had a recently constructed mezzanine floor that only had one entrance staircase and the offices were being used on the mezzanine, so this was urgently required.

Fabrication of Fire Staircase

Fabrication of Fire Staircase

Fabrication of Fire Staircase2

Fabrication of Fire Staircase











We completed the job in just 4 days and this included the time from fabrication to installation. This then needed to be signed off by the building control. The work fell into EX2 Level for CE marking EN1090. The drawing was supplied by the structural engineer and we used S355 as required by the structural engineer which we had available in stock which gave us the advantage with the turnaround time.

We used a variety of machines and procedures including punch, bandsaw, qualified welding staff with weld procedures. Another satisfied customer!

From a safety point of view it is necessary to ensure that the use of an external escape stairway cannot be prejudiced by smoke and flames issuing from openings (such as windows and doors) in the external wall of the building. Any door opening onto the stairway below the top floor and any door in the external wall beneath the stairway should be self closing and should have a minimum half hour standard of fire resistance.

The route from the foot of the stairway to a final place of safety should be unobstructed and free from vegetation and there may be a requirement to provide both primary and emergency lighting for the whole of the escape route and a suitable stairway enclosure to afford protection from the weather.

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