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Stainless Steel Repair Devon

Stainless Steel Repair Devon

During our work with clients it is often the case that time is of the essence for having work completed in the shortest time possible without compromising quality. Good planning and customer communication play an important part in achieving an agreed timescale.  A prime example of this was when a client called in with a problem they had for unloading bulk materials from a hopper. The hopper was in a bad state, it was very rusty and riddled with holes and it was certainly passed its ‘sell-by date’.

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The time scale was very imported as our client was expecting a bulk tanker to arrive and be filled up from the hopper and delivered to their next customer.  We had a six hours to complete the work which included stripping out the chute and fabricating a new one using Stainless Steel. It was imperative that the work was completed as soon as possible.

Before beginning the work we were supplied with a drawing. RB Engineering produced an in house CAD drawing for the top flange for water jet cutting, and then went on to complete a drawing for the whole item.

The materials we used for the work was 6mm Stainless Steel flat sheet which was rolled into shape in house with our hydraulic pyramid rollers.  The mounting flange was profiled on our water jet cutter from 10mm Stainless Steel, it was then welded together using our synergic mag welding machine.   Once the work was finished it was delivered and fitted onsite for the client.   The process from start to finish took five hours to complete.

Throughout the time the work being carried out, communication between our client and ourselves was frequent. This helped to ensure that the client had a good insight as to how the work was progressing.

With hard work and efficiency the job was completed to a high standard and well within the essential time frame and our client was able to make the delivery to their customer in time.

Sibelco stainless steel repair

Stainless steel repair – Before

Sibelco stainless steel repair

Stainless steel repair – After

This is just one example of the many client stories we have to share with you.  Here at RB Engineering we carry out this type of work on a regular basis and pride ourselves on our quality of work and our relationship with our clients.

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