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Roll Cage Manufacture and Design

Roll Cage Manufacture and Design

As a bespoke manufacturer RB Engineering are involved in many different types of projects including roll cage manufacture.   This type of project requires specialist skills in the design, welding and the construction of the roll cage.

When an email arrived at the office with a request for a certified roll cage to be fitted to a 50 series x army dodge pickup, the job was picked up by our experienced engineer.   The work would prove to be relatively straight froward to do as this type of project is common place at RB Engineering. .

Roll Cage Manufacture

Roll Cage before

The customer requested a simple hoop design to fit behind the cab and 2 back stays were also required.  It was important that no space was restricted from the load bed of the vehicle.

The materials used for the project of roll cage manufacture consisted of 90mm of cold drawn seamless tube which was MIG welded to base plates.  All of the welded joints were done to the standard of EN51614-1-2012.  Cross members were designed to go across the vehicles chassis to allow the roll cage to be bolted on.

Once the vehicle had arrived in the workshop, the chassis cross members and attachment plates were mounted.  A CAD drawing was then produced for the tube bending layout and the programme was put into the tube bender machine.

2 back stays were then cut and the tube was then notched to the correct radius.   Using a MAGS welder the stays were then welded to the hoop and the attachment plates were welded to the bottom of the back stays.

Roll Cage Manufacture

Roll Cage After

On completing the work the roll cage was duly rubbed down and primed with etch primer then painted with 2 coats of black top coat

A full inspection was carried out on the roll cage before the vehicle was returned to the customer.

This roll cage manufacture project is just one of the many various project services that RB Engineering provide for their customers.

If you need a high quality roll cage, get in touch!


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