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Waterjet Cutting Thick Nylon

Waterjet Cutting Thick Nylon – We were approached by a long standing customer requesting specialist watejet cutting of a 50 mm thick nylon. Using waterjet cutting is idea for this type of material becuase it does not burn or mark the surface of the item. We were supplied with a CAD drawing in DXF format with a 2 week timescale to complete the job.

The CAD drawing was checked by our team and we then ordered the nylon material from our preferred supplier. The waterjet cutting machine was setup and configured for the job and it was completed in 1 ½ hours to complete.

The final outcome was that the job was completed within the quoted timescale. From the initial enquiry to delivery, we were able to complete this order for our customer in under a week. the customer to enquiry to delivery was completed within 1 week and was delivered to the client within the required time date.

Waterjet Cutting of Nylon 2

Waterjet Cutting of Nylon 1

Waterjet Cutting of Nylon

Waterjet Cutting of Nylon 2

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