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Fabrication of Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

For this job we had to supply 4 stainless steel mixing tanks. The time scale was 3 weeks and it took 2 staff members to complete. The drawing was supplied by the customer to work from but we had already made similar but smaller tanks. The tanks were 23000 litres.

We had our draftsman work out how much stainless sheet was required. Detailed fabrication drawings were required for this work. Low energy motors were also required and mixing paddles as per customer specification. Materials and processes used were 316 stainless, plate roller, section rollers, guillotine and qualified fabricator.

The finished articles were delivered to the site, placed in position and bolted down. The relevant pipework was then connected. The work was carried out in the allocated time. We were able to make significant gains in efficiency and consumption as these motors run 24/7.

stainless steel mixing tanks


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