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Agricultural Machinery Repairs From RB Engineering

This job required a complete refurbishment of an agricultural topper which was disintegrated, which required major work.

The local farmer needed the job to be done urgently, as a new topper would be more expensive to buy and would take to long for delivery.

Various parts on the topper required waterjet cutting, we produced a drawing file for this work and it also required 4mm and 6mm steel plate. This then meant we needed to organise various parts to be sent for galvanising. We used the old topper as a template to work from; we have never refurbished a topper part before but have carried out various other jobs for local farmers in the past.

4mm and 6mm materials were ordered and the job was placed on production. Our qualified staff were given the job, equipment used was: guillotine, pressed blade and calibrated welder. Parts were sent away to the galvanisers and once they were back fitted. The client was contacted to check the job over; we then decided to use our in-house spray shop for a complete John Deere green paint work to be carried out.

From start to finish the job took a total of 2.5 weeks. Our customer was happy as this meant he could go back and work on his fields quicker than if he had took another option. Saving him the time and money was a big advantage for him.

Agricultural Topper Repair - Before

Agricultural Topper Repair – Before

Agricultural Topper Repair - After

Agricultural Topper Repair – After

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